Balloon Twisting

Balloon Sculpture like you’ve never seen before!

You may have seen simple balloon art before, but never like Smarty Pants! Going far beyond simple dogs & swords, Smarty Pants uses balloons to create astounding sculptures, wearable costumes, and eye-popping, larger than life creations.

Not just for birthday parties, Smarty’s advanced artistry takes balloons to “a higher level.” His balloons have added color and excitement to events at the Chicago History Museum, the Field Museum, the Taste of Chicago, corporate holiday parties and even as a regular feature on WGN-TV’s morning news!

Chicago Balloon Twisting

From intricately woven hats to recognizable balloon caricatures, Smarty’s innovative and completely amazing balloon twisting is guaranteed to have people talking at your special event!

“Smarty Pants had a crowd around him for our entire three hour event. People couldn’t wait to see what he would come up with next!”
-Yasmin Dalal, Chicago History Museum


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