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Illinois #1 science assembly for teaching simple machines!

The Mousetrap Machine Show is a science assembly STEM program that combines Science, Math and Art to teach students about how five simple machines work:

The Lever | The Wheel | The Pulley | The Inclined Plane | The Screw

During the assembly, over 25 student volunteers demonstrate the workings of these five simple machines using fascinating oversized balloon sculptures. Balloon wheels on a motorcycle really turn, pulleys really lift weights and balloon screws even fly through the air!

“Our principal of 35 years said it was THE BEST assembly program she has seen EVER. Kids and staff alike have raved about the program. It was extremely educational while being fun, and kept the kids’ complete attention from start to finish. I would definitely recommend the Mousetrap Machine assembly.”
-Matt Legg, Rupley Elementary

At the end of the show, all five machines combine to form an incredible mousetrap that really catches a runaway mouse in an unforgettable assembly finale.

By first demonstrating how each simple machine works, then showing how they can work together to form more complex structures, students learn first-hand how machines in their life are engineered to solve problems.

A truly innovative and unique science assembly, the Mousetrap Machine Show leaves kids excited about science and wanting to learn more!

This assembly ties directly into the Illinois science curriculum for grades three & four.

We present this science assembly over 100 times a year in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin elementary schools!

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