Disco Dance Parties

An unforgettable disco dance party just for kids!

The Smarty Pants Disco Dance Party is Chicago’s best disco dance party just for moms, dads and kids! Hosted by Smarty Pants and his good friend Miss Jaime from the Farm, the event transforms any party space into a unforgettable disco party!

Due to the size & scope of the Disco Dance Party, we recommend having it in a larger venue outside the home – a park district party room, dance studio, banquet hall or other similar rental space.

Disco Dance Party Rates are set according to head count of maximum number of kids invited to the party.

Smarty Pants Disco Dance Party

  • Turn your child’s celebration into a real disco dance party!
  • We bring the professional sound system & disco lighting!
  • During the party we entertain all the kids with disco party games, contests, and tons of incredible light-up disco balloons.
  • The whole family will get down in this awesome party!



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