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Is it possible for libraries to present engaging, fun programming to youth audiences while still keeping our patrons safe in our current COVID environment?

Yes – with the Big Balloon Virtual Show!

Presented by Smarty Pants, the Big Balloon Virtual Show features all the magic, all-ages comedy, interactive storytelling and of course, Smarty’s award-winning, larger than life balloon props of our “traditional show” – but now every seat is a front row seat!

Throughout the show, Smarty uses his humor and balloons to excite kids about reading books and exercising their imaginations.

By the end of the thirty five minute production, every audience member knows you don’t have to physically be “at the library” to enjoy all the benefits of being a great reader!

The Big Balloon Virtual Show is available for both Zoom and Facebook Live based presentations!

“Thank you for your fabulous balloon show – our staff and our patrons have been raving about your production. We will have you back again soon!”
– Kathy Burns, Palatine Public Library

The Double Trouble Balloon Story Show

(This is the show we’re offering libraries for our Big Balloon Virtual Show presentation to match the 2021 CSLP “Tails and Tales” theme for summer reading)

Kids like a great story, but they’ll love the Double Trouble Balloon Story Show!

This storytelling based show features Smarty Pants presenting his most charming stories in a hilarious virtual Zoom program packed with magic, comedy and giant balloons!

Each story is expertly designed to include plenty of interaction to get the entire audience involved.

And since it’s a Smarty Pants show –  you know it will be packed with those amazing balloons that make your audiences go WOW!


The Mousetrap Machine Show

(Perfect for any STEM related programming)

A mouse is loose on the library!   Ordinary mousetraps can hurt a mouse – or worse!

Our mission this summer … to build a better mousetrap that will catch our pesky mouse without hurting him.

With the help of over twenty audience members, we’ll learn about the five simple machines – the wheel, lever, pulley, inclined plane and the screw, then put all five machines together to create a Rube Goldberg inspired Mousetrap Machine.

And since it’s a Smarty Pants show – the entire Mousetrap Machine will be made of giant balloons!  Wow!

We have been presenting this show in schools since 2009 – we’ve created a special edition of the show just for library audiences.

For more information about the Mousetrap Machine Show, see our dedicated website at

Smarty in Space: A Big Balloon Odyssey

Go beyond the limits of imagination with Smarty Pants as we embark on an awesome trip into the furthest reaches of space and time!

Kids will learn how our space program got started, and about the original rockets that first traveled into space.    Learn about the planets of our solar system!    What training do astronauts need to complete their space missions?

And don’t miss the show stopping  finale as Smarty travels right into the heart of our sun with the world’s largest balloon!

Have Balloon, Will Travel
(This is a great show to fit any general library youth programming!)

Can traveling to the library really take youth audiences anywhere they want to go?   With Smarty’s balloons and the audience’s imagination, anything is possible!

Don’t miss Smarty’s all-new show, featuring an amazing “Evel Knievel style” balloon motorcycle jump,  a supersonic airplane, a trip back in balloon history,  and the show’s finale – Smarty climbing into a GIANT six foot balloon!

The Big Balloon Circus

An amazing “Circus Themed” edition of the Big Balloon Show takes audiences into the world of a balloon circus extravaganza.

The show features a tiny balloon balancing clown, the larger than life “Peanut the Elephant” and Smarty’s famous “Escape from a Six Foot Balloon” finale!

The Big Balloon Circus Show is our longest running library show, presented since 2006!



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