A Six Foot Balloon Tragedy Averted!

Fans of the Smarty Pants Big Balloon Show know that the show ends with an unforgettable finale – Smarty’s amazing escape from a massive six foot balloon!

Coming up on Sunday, November 20th, 2011, Smarty Pants is scheduled to present the Big Balloon Show at the Glenview Public Library at 2 pm.

Never one to leave things to the last minute, I checked my balloon inventory to make sure I had all everything I need to perform this Sunday’s show:

Lots of 260 twisty balloons – Check.
Sound system and microphones – Check.
Babysitter for Penny Pants? Check.

Uh oh. One thing’s missing. Those reputation-making six foot balloons. I’m out!!

Now you can’t just stroll down the street and get these six foot giants anywhere. No party store has them. Even most balloon specialty supply companies don’t even carry them.

Fortunately I’ve got a secret source for these balloons – the fine folks at Continental Sales. They’ve been supplying Smarty Pants with his unique balloons for years. So with only hours to spare, I put in my order and nearly overnight, courtesy of UPS, five giant balloons arrived, ready for tomorrow’s show.

So come on down and see the Big Balloon Show at the Glenview Public Library on November 20th, 2011 at 2 pm and reward a hard-working balloon twister for not waiting until the last minute to prep for the show!

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