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People often ask me, “What’s the first step to even start making balloons?” whenever they see me whipping up a dog, hat or Spongebob Squarepants balloon (that last one’s not a “first day” kinda balloon sculpture)

I’m glad to say to all those would-be balloon twisters out there – your big opportunity is coming up soon. Ralph Dewey – one of balloon twisting’s greatest talents – is swinging into Chicago on June 5th to give a workshop courtesy of the fine folks at MK Brody.

The workshop is split into a “no experience necessary” Balloon Twisting 101 introductory class in the morning, followed by a “little experience necessary” Twisting 202 intermediate class in the afternoon.

If you’ve ever wanted to start making balloons for fun or profit, this is a great way to learn from one of the very best.

You can find out more information about Ralph Dewey’s balloon twisting workshop in Chicago, along with lots more info about balloon twisting in Chicago over at

I hadn’t updated the site in a while, but Dewey’s upcoming appearance was certainly motivation for me to get the site up to speed!

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