It’s nice to be recognized as Smarty Pants, Chicago’s Balloon Entertainer!

This afternoon, I entertained with balloons at a family reunion held at the Oak Brook Marriott in Oak Brook, IL.    As soon as I walked into the hotel, I knew the scenery seemed quite familiar – the locale was the 2010 site of the world-famous Twist & Shout Balloon Convention, where over three hundred top balloon artists come together every year. 

As I entertained the guests of the event, much of the staff came by to say hello and let me know they remembered Smarty Pants from the convention, as well as much of the convention’s festivities.   Considering how many conventions this Marriott must host, it was very nice to hear so many staffers remembering our little “balloon get-together” over three years later…

My fondest memory of 2010 Twist and Shout is definitely joining thirteen of my best balloon pals to break the world record for most people (individually) getting into a giant six foot balloon.   WGN-TV’s morning news with Ana Belaval came out to broadcast this piece of balloon history to all of Chicago.

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