Larry Moss Balloon Sculpture Seminar Coming to Chicago on November 14th!

In addition to balloon twisting and performing the Big Balloon Show, Smarty Pants also offers large scale, innovative balloon installations and sculptures custom created for our clients.    Over the last few years, I’ve built a life sized Mars Rover for the Adler Planetarium, a full sized car for WGN-TV’s morning news, and even a model Parthenon for a Greek family celebrating their child’s baptism.


One of my mentors in this field of large scale balloon art is Larry Moss – he’s long been an innovator in this emerging field of balloon art.

On November 14th, 2013,  Smarty Pants will be hosting Larry Moss’ visit to Chicago, for his “Building Big Balloons” workshop.

In this one-time-only hands on workshop, Larry will reveal his secrets for using innovative balloon twisting & weaving techniques to “scale up” sculptures into massively amazing balloon installations.    He’ll be utilizing the brand new Qualatex Quick Links that’s new to the market for balloon artists along with your standard 260s, 350s, rounds and other traditional balloons.

Dragon Sculpture by Larry Moss

Class size is strictly limited and registrations are nearly full – we only have a few spots left!

To register, click to


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