Smarty Pants Balloon Car Ready to Roll Out!

This week, Smarty Pants and his crew of world class balloon artists worked at the Mount Prospect Public Library for nearly six hours to construct an amazing life-sized balloon car!

The build started slowly at 11 am with Smarty and his fellow balloon twisters getting balloon inflated and organized.

Just like a real car, each piece of the balloon car was fabricated individually, then all the pieces assembled to create the final car frame.

Six hours later, the Smarty Pants balloon car is nearly complete. Time for just a few final checks!

After the car is completed, visitors to the Mount Prospect Public Library had the unique opportunity to hop behind the wheel of the Smarty Pants balloon car and take a once in a lifetime photo.¬† Check out this selection of Mount Prospect’s newest drivers!

After everyone had their chance behind the wheel, we’re ready to pack up the car – it’s scheduled to be on WGN-Tv’s morning news program the very next day!

Smarty Pants takes a moment to check out and make sure the car’s engine is clean and ready to drive…

The Smarty Pants balloon car is built, checked and rechecked, wrapped and now finally ready to head on to WGN-TV’s morning news. See you soon!

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