Smarty Pants Big Balloon Show – Brand New Photos!

One of the few disappointing parts about performing live theatre is that when the show’s over, it’s gone forever. Unlike a television broadcast, an audience at a live performance like the Smarty Pants Big Balloon Show have only their memories to remember the show.

Fortunately, for a select number of shows, I’m able to secure the services of some top notch photographers in the Chicago area. For our recent performance at the Winnetka Community House, photographer Johnny Knight came by to shoot our show. He did a fantastic job capturing all the larger than life balloons of the production in vivid, living color – over 2,000 photos worth!

Want to take a peek at some of the “greatest hits” from these great photos? Click over to the Smarty Pants Facebook Fan Page, where I’ve recently uploaded a batch of these amazing shots!

And if you missed our last show at the Winnetka Community House, check out our online Smarty Pants calendar – so you can see our next public performance in person and see for yourself why Smarty Pants is Chicago’s best balloon artist!

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