Smarty Pants Creative Balloon Decor

Did you know that in addition to balloon twisting and our famous “Big Balloon Show” stage production, Smarty Pants also offers high-end, highly creative balloon decor!

The Lovely Miss Dena and I recently worked with a Greek family in Skokie, IL planning a celebration for their son’s baptism. We created fourteen fantastic custom-made centerpieces, two large balloon sculptures, four rainbow colored balloon columns (12 feet tall!) plus the grand finale… a giant Athenian Parthenon all made out of balloons!

The event staff from the Doubletree Skokie who were working at other events came into the ballroom just to see these balloons for themselves!

It was a huge amount of work (about three days worth, working non-stop) to create these balloons, but it was all worth it to hear our client say, “My family was completely amazed by your balloons!

I’ve posted many more photos online from this balloon decor project on the Smarty Pants Facebook Fan Page. To see the entire photo album, just click the link below!

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