Smarty Pants Recent Yelp Review

You know, every once in a while we receive a review from a client that just makes me go “Thank You!

Here at Smarty Pants World HQ, Miss Dena and I always go above and beyond for our clients. It is our goal to give our valued clients 110% – meeting their expectations isn’t enough. We want to exceed them.In this case, one of our recent clients did the same for us by posting this wonderful review on

“You know the old saying when people talk about their “job” and they feel blessed because they get to do what they love for “work” – this is what Smarty Pants and Miss Dena are all about. Complete dedication and love to entertain and indeed they DO ENTERTAIN!

We turned our son’s 6th birthday into a Carnival/Circus party setting up booths with games, prizes, popcorn and more but Smarty Pants and Miss Dena were the hit showcase of the party!!

They arrived early and set up for their show. They were both very friendly, polite, professional and helpful. I have NEVER experienced such TOP NOTCH entertainment!!

I have been to other birthday parties with magicians and entertainment but NEVER have I seen the children laugh as loud and hard for an ENTIRE show.

Smarty Pants and Miss Dena were so wonderful and after the show continued to make balloons and paint faces & hands. The quality of the painting is ART and not your typical face painting. 5 Stars!!

We never felt rushed at any time and it was overall such a pleasurable experience all around. It truly was UNLIMITED fun for all, I was even tempted to ask for my own balloon because I have never seen anything like these. The balloons like the face/hand paint are also a MASTERPIECE of art.

Our son was gifted with a giant balloon clown that had to be 6 feet tall and when I say CLOWN, this clown could be in a book for the coolest looking balloon figure EVER (he is still inflated almost a month later) and he was also presented this during the show, along with an amazing monkey hat that was more than just at hat as he was part of the show. It gets even crazier, the birthday boy hat was at least 2-3 feet tall, multi-colored with lights in it… I could NOT believe the stuff they did for the birthday boy and for the kids in the audience while the show was presented. Everyone was included and the kids were in awe! SO COOL!!!

Now add in all of balloons and fun after the show!! Oh boy, you could sign Smarty Pants up for a fun party for adults as I was truly entertained and amazed as well. I give Smarty Pants and Miss Dena 10 STARS and we will be having them back in the spring for our other son’s birthday party as our boys almost every morning since our son’s party are asking us if Smarty Pants is coming to their house today? So cute!!! Don’t miss out on this experience that will be unforgettable.

Truly at gem for children’s parties and a memory that your child will never forget. TOP NOTCH! 10 STARS!!!!”

So that review really made my day and we appreciate it. You can read more of our reviews on our business page here, and perhaps you can leave us a nice review of your own!

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