Smarty Pants Teaching at Twist and Shout 2010

The Best Balloon Twister’s Convention is coming to Chicago (Oakbrook to be exact) from Feb 17th – 21th, 2010 – and Smarty Pants will be teaching as an official instructor at this annual event! Twist and Shout is the world’s greatest convention for balloon enthusiasts – everyone from novice balloon twisters to the very best talents on the globe will be there!

For more information, see – registration is still available but the event does tend to sell out. Don’t delay – if you are interested in balloons, this is THE EVENT to attend!

I’ll be teaching two classes for the 2010 edition of Twist and Shout:

Building a Balloon Show

Since developing the Big Balloon Show in 2001, Smarty Pants has taken his balloon show to schools, libraries, community centers and birthday parties all over the Chicago area. Now he’ll teach fellow balloon artists how to build their own balloon show from the ground up – no experience necessary. It’s easier than you think!

This class will feature a complete performance of Smarty’s original show, as he performs it at hundreds of birthday parties, libraries and community centers every year.

After the show, Smarty will cover the following topics:

  • Structuring your show from start to finish
  • Different types of ways balloons can be used to entertain
  • Developing original balloon show routines
  • Using volunteers to add impact to your show
  • Selling the balloon show to clients

Your Health and Your Wealth (for the Self-Employed Entertainer)

Unlike a typical “9 to 5” corporate employee, self-employed entertainers must make their own arrangements for their own health care and retirement funding. Our future health and wealth are in our own hands!

In this two-part class, Smarty Pants covers the basics of both obtaining health insurance coverage for the self-employed, as well as setting up a retirement fund to cover our golden years.

This is a “no experience necessary” class designed to explain concepts at the most basic level without the worry, confusion and overly complicated jargon that often plagues investment / insurance seminars. As a self-employed full time entertainer, Smarty Pants has personally researched both of these essential topics, and will pass on his knowledge to fellow balloon artists. And not to worry – this won’t be a dreadfully dull lecture – it’s designed to be humourous and entertaining!

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